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Slim – The Thinnest Wallet Ever.

Supr Good Co. on why they created their Kickstarter for the new Slim Wallet:

We believe that all you really need in your wallet are your essential cards. Slim was created with this in mind – to be a super-thin card-carrying over-achiever.

I couldn’t figure out why I’d been looking for a slimmer wallet, but this is why. With smart phones being near ubiquitous, we’re way past the time where you need to carry anything in your wallet but cards and occasionally cash (even that’s becoming rarer and rarer). Why do we still need to carry bulky wallets?

No brainer funding on my part (and picked an extra one up for my brother).

via Kenton Glass

Defeated Kansas Senator: “Koch Industries is Just a Terrible, Terrible Citizen”

Recently defeated Kansas State Senator Tim Owens:

I’d say that maybe 80 percent of country are middle of roaders. They’re not always fired up enough to go and look at what impact government has on them. The people who play close attention, it seems, are so passionate against everything. And so the middle of the roaders don’t want to be anywhere close to that. Until we turn back to the middle and get balance, we’re in trouble. That will bleed over into opinions people have of Kansas. It will bleed over into opinions people have of us internationally.

Terrible headline, great interview by David Weiss of Slate.

via Ben Gaskins