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Why Your Cardinals Suck

Deadspin’s Drew Magary on why the Cardinals suck

I think Yankees fans are horrible people: selfish, arrogant, profane, and miserable all at once. But at least they don’t attempt to hide their repulsiveness. At least there isn’t this deliberate, “Oh, we’re not like those OTHER fans” fakeness that OOZES from the Cardinals and their acolytes. Wanna know who you really are, Cardinals fans? You are this. You are poorly disguised Yankees fans in ugly Christmas sweaters carrying a Jell-O mold to your neighbor’s door. And your constant attempts to turn every October into an extended production of Our Town makes me want to hang myself with a extension cord.

Frequently hilarious and frequently true. There’s a reason he’s not writing this article about Blue Jays fans. Take it as a compliment.

A quick note before heading to Nashville

The first goal of traveling cheaply is to cut down your biggest cost. My biggest cost is flying to Nashville. It’s not home, but its airport is. I’m there probably 10–12 times a year, so I had to figure out how to do it on a budget.

British Airways has a sweet spot of 9000 point roundtrip award tickets on direct flights to destinations fewer than 649 miles away via it or any of its partners. I’ve lucked out that the DCA to BNA route meets those four criteria: award ticket availability, fewer than 649 miles away, BA partner, American Airlines, flies the route and it’s direct. It means with one credit card application, I’m able to do five and half roundtrip tickets home.

I’ll post a full review of the Bourbon Trail when I get back, but I’ve already had a change to my travel plans: the Cardinals are playing the Dodgers in Los Angeles next week and I need to be there.

The Trips We Plan Just Because We Do

The one thing I promised myself is that I would travel. Like most forward-looking promises, I left it to future Jordon to determine what that actually means. Unfortunately, future Jordon is at just as much of a loss.

The actual act of being one place and then in a couple of hours being in another, I’ve pretty much solved. Anyone who I speak to regularly (or who follows me on Foursquare) can testify that I’m somewhere different two or three weekends a month. Sometimes there are weddings or birthdays or holidays or people to see. Those reasons for traveling are fairly easy to quantify. It’s the other reasons for traveling, the trips we plan just because we do, that require further analysis.

This analysis is intensely personal and applies to me until it doesn’t. At its simplest, I travel for experiences. And that means I travel indiscriminately; I book flights based on where travel companions want to go and/or based on the price from the closest airport. I have a list of places I want to go, but I’m not too concerned about it right now. At this point, quantity of experience is of much more concern to me than quality of experience.

Does that make me a bad traveler or a bad person? Maybe. But, it’s been about 18 months since I decided to travel in this manner and it’s lead me to some places that I’ve really enjoyed that I may not have otherwise visited.

Why am I writing this now? Over the next six months, I’m traveling to Kentucky to trek the bourbon trail; I’m going home for Thanksgiving and Christmas; I’m going back to Kentucky for a wedding; I’m going to rural South Carolina for a wedding; I’m going to Fort Lauderdale for a wedding; and I’m taking a five-week trip around the world. I’m going to write about these experiences and others that will crop up. The posts will cover the where, when and how. But, I want anyone wondering why I’m taking these trips to know why: because I can and because I want to.