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Why Your Cardinals Suck

Deadspin’s Drew Magary on why the Cardinals suck

I think Yankees fans are horrible people: selfish, arrogant, profane, and miserable all at once. But at least they don’t attempt to hide their repulsiveness. At least there isn’t this deliberate, “Oh, we’re not like those OTHER fans” fakeness that OOZES from the Cardinals and their acolytes. Wanna know who you really are, Cardinals fans? You are this. You are poorly disguised Yankees fans in ugly Christmas sweaters carrying a Jell-O mold to your neighbor’s door. And your constant attempts to turn every October into an extended production of Our Town makes me want to hang myself with a extension cord.

Frequently hilarious and frequently true. There’s a reason he’s not writing this article about Blue Jays fans. Take it as a compliment.

Cardinals remain part of Pujols

Former St. Louis Cardinals (and current Anaheim Angles) First Basemen, Albert Pujols, on his time in St. Louis:

My time there was great…Whether you want to call it my best years, you can call it whatever want to call it. I had success there. But I also learned they’ve moved on without me. I’m the same way, too.

My God, the whole article sounds like divorce proceedings that are finally cooling. The funny thing is, that’s exactly how Cardinals fans feel: we had a spouse that we loved unconditionally, but they wanted more respect. And that spouse was willing to give up unconditional love for more respect.

It’s tough not to be happy seeing someone who spurned you doing poorly, but Albert’s number will be retired in St. Louis and he’ll go into the Hall of Fame as a Cardinal. Both sides will eventually make up and it finally feels like we’re taking the first few steps on that path.

Jason Motte and the Two Inning Save

Fangraphs’ Dave Cameron on last night’s two-inning save by St. Louis Cardinals’ closer, Jason Motte:

By not just saving Motte for the ninth inning, Matheny is deploying his closer as a legitimate relief ace. He might be a rookie manager, but this is what good October bullpen management looks like.

I have to admit, despite often lobbying for use of the best reliever at the most important point of the game, I wasn’t a fan of the move at the time. I was wrong. The whole idea of closers and what a save should look like is so ingrained in fans’ heads, that we often can’t wrap our minds around something new or different. Matheny probably doesn’t plan on using Motte like this every game (or in the seventh inning, if need be), but I applaud him for having the balls to do it here.

Luhnow’s letter to Astros Season Ticket Holders.

Astros General Manager (and former Cardinal Scouting Director) Jeff Luhnow on the Astros current season:

Since [May 25] we have underperformed everyone’s expectations, including our own. We ran into a combination of bad luck, injuries and a lack of depth that led to our deteriorating record through the midsummer months.

We want the Houston Astros to be a winning franchise that can compete for division titles year in and year out and ultimately bring multiple championships to the city of Houston and to Astros fans across the globe. Our promise to you as a fan is to work as hard and as smart as we possibly can to achieve this goal quickly. We have made significant progress towards this objective in 2012 and that progress will accelerate in 2013.

Luhnow once said that running a baseball team is like basic strategy in blackjack: the best way to win is to play the odds for long enough. (Nevermind that even with playing perfect basic strategy, the house will still win in the long term) It’s refreshing to see such a forward-thinking and honest general manager. He’s got the right ideas, let’s just hope he can get the edge on the house.