Dreading a meeting since I didn’t have time to prep for it today. Get to meeting & apparently I prepped for it last night. Thanks, past me!

Couple next to us at dinner–clearly on a firstish date– talking about their favorite episode of Scrubs. I probably should just join them.

Cards are in Baltimore this weekend and with the way they’re playing, I can only get geared up to go to one game

Cardinals fire all the people who have no hand in the current situation. It’s obvious to everyone who the problem is.

“These new millennials don’t know how to walk down the street” - Guy who was also struggling to walk down the street

Not quite sure there’s ever been art that reflects both the wonders and absurdity of life like the Leftovers.

Discover (finally!) paid out those 10x Apple Pay bonuses from 2015. Would love to know the machinations for changing course 18 months later