Cardinals remain part of Pujols

Former St. Louis Cardinals (and current Anaheim Angles) First Basemen, Albert Pujols, on his time in St. Louis:

My time there was great…Whether you want to call it my best years, you can call it whatever want to call it. I had success there. But I also learned they’ve moved on without me. I’m the same way, too.

My God, the whole article sounds like divorce proceedings that are finally cooling. The funny thing is, that’s exactly how Cardinals fans feel: we had a spouse that we loved unconditionally, but they wanted more respect. And that spouse was willing to give up unconditional love for more respect.

It’s tough not to be happy seeing someone who spurned you doing poorly, but Albert’s number will be retired in St. Louis and he’ll go into the Hall of Fame as a Cardinal. Both sides will eventually make up and it finally feels like we’re taking the first few steps on that path.

Jordon Wadlington @jordon