Wasn’t really looking for an answer to the question, “What about nice temperatures, but oppressively muggy? But here I am, with that answer.

I was going to originally title that ‘Apple’s WoeS problems’. But I’m not sure I’m ready to head down that slippery, slippery pun slope

WatchOS Woes

The biggest dread I have before running nowadays is dealing with the WatchOS 4 music app. Normally it’s just general bugginess, but today there was no music synced to the watch at all. After about ten minutes of trying to sync _anything_ over to the watch, I just gave up and ran without music.

Perhaps the most damning thing I can say about WatchOS 4: not having to deal with that app far outweighed the annoyance of not running with music.

Good to see Dropbox updated to take advantage of native Files support on iOS 11. Was worried Apple was initially limiting it to iCloud Drive