• Julie and I are both lucky enough to work in jobs where we both have

    1. Good bosses who support a…
    2. …Work-Life Balance

    Which means that when we wanted to wait six months to put Baby Vale in daycare, it seemed possible with major help from both our parents and with extensive amounts of planning.

    So while we both have bosses who support families, the policies of our companies could not be more different:

    Me: Company policies that include: two weeks paid parental leave, flexible work schedules (dependent on client), a stated policy of work-life balance

    Julie: No maternity leave and no stated policies on flexible work schedules or work-life balance (but was obviously allowed to take whatever sick leave she had)

    Tax breaks for families are great: kids are fucking expensive. But it’s only part of the equation. As much as I hope that Baby Vale cares about money one day, what she really wants right now is to spend time with mommy and daddy. My company has codified policies on families, so there were at least guidelines for my boss to follow. Since Julie’s company didn’t have any codified policies, her boss was left to dictate how he handles her time out. Luckily he was very flexible: allowing her to work from home and set her in-office schedule through the end of December.

    In the end, supportive bosses are what’s going to make parental leave work. But supportive bosses are greatly assisted by codified family policies. I was lucky to have both a supportive boss and company with a codified policy. While Julie’s company didn’t have a stated policy, she was lucky that she had a boss that waded through the murkiness of unclear policy and allowed her to do what’s best for our family. People like that should be lauded and I’ve profusely thanked him (after several beers) for not only acknowledging that families should be supported, but also doing the hard job of figuring out how to actually do it.

  • One annoying thing that’s cropped up recently with my AirPods: they’re connecting to my phone, but they’re not auto-selecting as the audio receiver.

  • The Matterhorn right after sunset from our hotel room in Zermatt, Switzerland. For all the mountains that surrounded the ski village, the Matterhorn followed you everywhere you go

  • I’m mostly on board with the iPhone X not showing the battery percentage, I just wish there was a little more detail than green or red. The size of the battery works well for 100%-21%, but it’s mostly useless for 20%-1%

  • I can’t decide if I’d rather have several small snow events (like what’s slated for tonight in DC) or one big one.

    Weather: let’s compromise and have several 10” snows from here on out.

  • On our day off, baby Vale and I decided to watch Community instead of eating Tide Pods

  • Day 10 of looking for Qatar Airways business class award space on British Airways website and still no availability. It makes me feel better that there’s no availability at any point, but really want to get this South Africa trip booked.

  • I can’t believe we don’t get Oaks Day off in Washington DC.

  • Folks who watch Hannibal (which should be everyone): the 4th episode (that was pulled) is on iTunes. t.co/cPj3br1aa… (cc @Baldy128)

  • I liked Oblivion better the last time I saw it.

  • Since @ckwadlington is in KY, anyone want to go to this with me? t.co/avhJ9d3PL…

  • Jayson Werth’s walkup music: Walking Dead theme and Game of Thrones theme. Strong work.

  • One more thing, if @NBC renews Hannibal, even for one more season, it could prove me wrong that Fringe was the last great network drama.

  • I do know this: Mads Mikkelsen deserves an Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Oscar, fourth-grade spelling bee award and high five for his portrayal.

  • Would the reveals on Hannibal be more or less effective if you didn’t already know the characterization of the antagonist(/protagonist?)?

  • Sorry, everyone. I try to avoid tweeting obvious things. Blame it on the heroes for making me drink too much bourbon.

  • Archie Goodwin, y’all.

  • In my belly. RT @sirbartonn: Where da bourbon?

  • Boom.

  • Can I retweet something I tweeted five seconds ago?

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