Amazon Changed Reading. Now It Could Change Writing

Speaking of Amazon’s latest Kindle announcements, lost in the updates from the day is something that may have an interesting impact on the book market if it catches on:

In addition to the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon introduced a subscription book format at a press conference in Los Angeles Thursday. These books, called "Kindle Serials," will be released in segments instead of in their entirety. Updates, or "episodes," automatically appear at the back of the book as they’re created or released without extra charge.

Think of a novel as a full-length movie, with these serials like TV episodes. If the quality of these are high, it could be something that I really get into.

Most people know that I’m a huge movie/TV nerd. I find myself better able to sit down and watch five hours worth of TV episodes more easily than five hours worth of movies. I think this is because it’s easier to digest five chunks of smaller stories rather than two chunks of larger stories. Kindle Serials could be the thing that finally gets me reading more than 10-12 books a year.

(via Sarah Kessler of Fast Company)

Jordon Wadlington @jordon