I have a Sony RX100 sitting in my Amazon cart. This was finally the year that I was going to pull the trigger on what is widely considered to be the best point and shoot camera. I’m not looking to replace my DSLR, I’m just looking for something that I can take to the park to take shots of my two-year old. I’ve been doing this on my iPhone XS, but when I mix them with photos I shot on my DSLR, it’s painfully obvious what is and isn’t a camera phone photo.

But after an hour with the 11 Pro camera, while I’m not quite ready to remove my camelcamelcamel price alert, I’m at least going to move the RX100 out of my cart. An hour isn’t enough to know if the 11 Pro will kill my need for for a point and shoot, but it’s enough to know that I need more time to do decide that.

The ultra wide lens is by far the weakest, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how nice it is to have the wide field of view: if you were to ask me yesterday, I’d have wanted 4x telephoto lens. Now I don’t think I could live without it. People are going to love this lens. It was 100% the right call to add to the 11 (instead of the telephoto).

All the photos I shot today are straight from the camera. I did no touch ups. I’m excited to get these in pixelmator photo and see how much better I can make them. Every year Apple promises a better camera, but this is the first year that I feel like it may actually change the way I shoot photos.