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Finished in January:

Elvis: Pretty. Good. Movie. Shot. In. Totality. In. About. Three. Second. Takes.

(Austin Butler was spectacular. I can’t imagine there was a better performance this year)

All Quiet On The Western Front (2022): People are gonna say “oh this part, this part shows how pointless it all is”. But it’s all parts. All parts are pointless.
The Menu: Horror comedies remain the best way we have of explaining society’s deepest problems (good, but not great edition)
Avatar: the way of water: totally dependent on your tolerance of earnest. Happy to report I don’t have an entire heart of stone
Amsterdam: when you spend the last 15 minutes of the movie explaining what happened in the previous two hours and *it still makes no sense* maybe it’s time to rethink things a
I'm not sure we needed a remake of West Side Story, but it was so well crafted that I'll allow

Mythic Quest, Season 3: even in a down season, the central relationship between Poppy and Ian is one of the best and unlike anything else on TV.

She-Hulk, Season 1: Tatiana Maslany continues being the greatest actress that I constantly forget about. GIVE HER A MOVIE, YOU COWARDS

(The show itself kind of fell apart in the last episode, but it was such a delight until then that it’s easy to forgive)

The Book of Boba Fett: this was pretty forgettable until the Mandolorian showed up. (that spoiler is a PSA)

I imagine this was originally designed as a Mandolorian mini-season and converted later to focus more on BF when the material wasn’t quite coming together.

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