So, I just deleted all my tweets.

Not out of some moral stance on social media (though, I did delete Facebook for that reason), but because I’ve always thought of Twitter as ephemeral and having a record of everything I’ve said on the platform seems antithetical to that.

I’ve found myself tweeting less because I feel like if it’s going to be out there permanently, every tweet needs to be perfect.

Yeah, I know, I know. All Twitter needs is white dudes posting more and thinking less about what they’re saying. But the tweets are gone and here we are.

So, going forward I’m going to set a script to delete everything I post to Twitter at some set interval (not shorter than a week, probably not longer than two months).

For posts that I want to keep a record of, I’ll post to ( or which will crosspost to Twitter. So if you’re looking for pictures I’ve posted or insightful/funny or life/world-changing thoughts I’ve had, it’ll probably be there.


Jordon Wadlington @jordon