So it’s my first Lent as an Episcopalian, which means learning the whole ropes of this 40 days of mourning thing. As a Lent novice, I knew it mirrored the 40 days that Jesus was in the desert post-temptation, but that’s honestly about it.

So, as it goes, Jesus was tempted, but didn’t sin. Which obviously is supposed to mean that while we may be tempted, we shouldn’t sin either. Problem is that we’re going to, so it’s worthwhile to at least spend some time focusing on what’s next.

What was interesting about this week’s sermon was that it didn’t focus on the person who sinned, but rather those of us who are around the person who sins. In short, if we see someone in trouble, our first and only question should be: “how can we help?”

That’s such a great take and one we should be utilizing everywhere: the right thing to say is always “how can I help?”. And while other things you can say may have some value and sometimes be right, why not say the thing you know will always be right?

Jordon Wadlington @jordon